Starting that stable isotope stuff (finally)

I'm excited to say that I've managed to get going on my third chapter's data collection! We're planning to use stable isotope analysis (SIA) to explore longer-term, integrative trends in Cape Peninsula caracal feeding ecology. Essentially what this means for me is that I'm spending a lot of time with minuscule pieces of hair (again). … Continue reading Starting that stable isotope stuff (finally)


URBIO Conference 2018

Last week I attended the 10th International URBIO conference that was conveniently held in Woodstock, Cape Town. My supervisors Laurel Serieys and Justin O'Riain were also in attendance, and it was great to have such a strong iCWild contingent there. URBIO (International Network for Urban Biodiversity and Design) describe themselves as "an open worldwide network … Continue reading URBIO Conference 2018