I’m a PhD student at the University of Cape Town with iCWild trying to keep a record of anything interesting that happens on my way to completing my degree. I’m working with a larger research effort called the  Urban Caracal Project, which is a partnership between the University of Cape Town, the Cape Leopard Trust, Universities of California (Santa Cruz and Los Angeles), South African National Parks, the City of Cape Town, and private landowners in Cape Town. The project was established to collect baseline data on the population size and health of caracals on the Cape Peninsula, with an aim to assess threats to survival and understand the urban ecology of these mesocarnivores. My research focuses on the foraging ecology of caracal (aka “rooikat”) in and around the city of Cape Town, South Africa, and how rapid urbanisation is impacting these charismatic yet elusive cats.

Hope you find this journey interesting!

Gabi Leighton