More morbid necropsy art

We recently did another “necropsy day” for some of the roadkill collected on the project. There were two caracals and a genet. We were lucky enough to have Dorothy Breed there to help – she’s the Cape Town city wildlife vet. She came to help with one of the caracals which had been hit by a car, and gave us some useful insight. As always, I found the necropsies very interesting and deeply disturbing.

Then on a recent visit to Prince Albert, we found a Spotted eagle owl (same species that we found at that caracal kill site) that looked like it had been electrocuted or hit by a car and tossed to the roadside.

My way of dealing with it? Paint it.

I’m actually thinking about going back to Spencer Street Studios and continuing my roadkill series. There are a few more interesting photographs of the caracal necropsies I’d like to look at doing. But some of them are very gruesome, so I’d need to think carefully about how to approach them.



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