The big ‘upgrade’

It looks like I'll be working on urban caracals for a bit longer! As my project developed my supervisors and I made the decision, about 6 months ago, that it had the scope to be upgraded to a PhD. I knew I wanted to do my doctorate but I needed to decide whether I wanted … Continue reading The big ‘upgrade’


SatRday Cape Town 2018

This past weekend I attended a local conference on the programming language R. I was fortunate enough to receive a free ticket courtesy of RStudio (thanks, RStudio!). As a relative beginner in R I was impressed by the scope and possibilities that it afforded, and was introduced to a couple of new packages that I'm … Continue reading SatRday Cape Town 2018

“Oh look, another cape cormorant”: some trips to the museum

The last few weeks have been spent preparing samples for further identification by bone. This involved carefully sorting through each cleaned and dried scat sample to pick out the hard bits (i.e. bones, teeth, claws and nails) and package them separately. This makes it easier for comparison to reference skeletal material. Next, I decided to … Continue reading “Oh look, another cape cormorant”: some trips to the museum